Sunday, March 6, 2011

Artist's pages

More pages arrived. An artist, who would like to remain anonymous, sent in the following pages.
Please feel free to double click an image to enlarge it.

1. A thank you to a community member who positively influenced the artist's life.

2. Pay it forward. An act of kindness to positively influence the life of another community member.

To the artist, thank you for sending these touching pages in!

I can't wait to see all the other pages.  And if you are thinking about joining the project, there is *Still Time*! Please view this post HERE to see all the details with the directives, the due date and my mailing address.


  1. First thank you for visiting me.
    Second you're invited to my bday party.
    Third, I'm a superdog so I should join your project except that I am not allowed to mail anything anymore! I can eMail you one and you just have to print it!

    Good luck!
    Drooly yours,
    de SuperDog

  2. These are great! If I'm understanding the first collage correctly, wow. That IS a true gift from someone. And the second collage just makes me smile. Good neighbor!

  3. Hi Phoenix Peacock,

    Thank you very kindly for your invitation. I have read what you have started here and I think it is wonderful.

    At this time I must decline your invitation, my present commitments and obligations are plenty.

    I am glad you liked my collage.

    Have a great week, Dena.

  4. fabulous pages.....they'll be a great addition to your project!!

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! :))

  5. What a magnificent project! Thank you for the invitation to participate. I would love to! please email me at or visit my blog

    Thanks again!