Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pages by Nigel

If you are interested in participating in the community art project, you can find all the directive details in this post and if you want to know why I am doing the project you can find that here.

Nigel over at Freebird's flights of fancy describes himself as "one of those rare creatures - a male crafter." I describe him as someone who is very supportive - he let me know immediately, even when the idea of what this project would actually be wasn't fully formed, that he would participate in my project. Thank you Nigel for your support and for these lovely pages. So without further commentary from me, I will let Nigel's pages speak for themselves.

(If you want, you can double click the images to enlarge them)

1.  A community member that has positively influenced his life:

2. Give love, pay it forward, pass it on, one good deed. An act of kindness to positively influence the life of another community member:
Tucked away in the corner (where you can see a bit of shadow) there is some journaling that was difficult to photograph folded down, so instead I've typed it:

'H' was somebody who I'd met once or twice through friends.
I knew her name, and she'd recently been divorced but that was about it.

I ran into her by chance recently. 
We exchanged pleasantries, and for some reason she started talking about being down.
Normally that would be my cue to make my excuses and leave, 
but for some reason I didn't, I stayed and listened.
Work wasn't going well, she was run down and ill,
and it looked like her mortgage advisor had screwed up and 
she wouldn't be able to buy the house she was after.
Given my record with finance and relationships I doubted if I was the ideal person to be talking to,
but after a while I realised that she didn't want advice, she just needed to offload.
When we left I gave her my number and told her to call if she needed to.
We've since had a couple more chats,
and although she's not out of the darkness yet,
I think there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Why did I stay and listen?
I have no idea, but I'm glad I did.
Apart from making a friend, it felt good to know that
I can make a difference just by listening
and letting somebody unload without being judged.

Sometimes I just don't recognise myself anymore - and it's good!


  1. Glad these arrived ok, and so quickly. I've added a post on my blog, and with a bit of luck you might get somebody else to join in :)

  2. visiting from Nigel's blog
    wonderful pages
    and what a guy!
    Nigel manages to be supportive thousands of miles away as well...with his big creative heart...a beautiful lesson to all on being there to listen
    ...The Healer is a perfect title too!

  3. what a wonderful man you are, and artist

  4. Both of Nigel's pages are uplifting and real and inspired! I can tell what a special person he is. And so are you Phoenix, for having this idea and implementing it here. May the words you, Nigel and others who share bring insight and strength and healing to all who read!

    Thank you for YOU!


    I come by way of Susanna~

  5. Come by way of Nigel's blog... Superb pages with lots of depth, in the terms of both art and thought.
    Only wish he was as nice to me...(only joking!)- we do have some interesting banter!
    From "that woman" aka Suzanne