Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An'Angelia's pages

The following pages are in response to a call to participate in my community art journal. The project is incorporated into a school assignment, but I am doing it for so many more reasons, which you can read in this post HERE.

The directives were simple:

  1. Art journal about a community member(s) that has positively influenced your life. This can be anyone not related to you. 
  2. Give love. Do one good deed and art journal about that.
Now on to An'Angelia's pages!!!

An'Angelia is an amazing artist and woman. She shares my philosophy that every interaction influences her. She states this as, "Every experience that I have eventually manifests in my creativity. Family, friends, music, poetry, food - they're all in the paintings and journals. Things that make me happy, sad, joyful, fearful, angry- they're all included too."
Please visit An'Angelia's amazing blog. There she shares tips and techniques for art journaling, and she even has daily prompts (which I LOVE! Thank you An'Angelia!). I've never left her page feeling uninspired.

1. A community member that has positively influenced her life:

Wait, that's me!
You have no idea how flattered I am. Seriously. Pages have mentioned bloggers like Willowing and have mentioned very influential people in their lives. And An'Angelia, an artist that I look up to, mentioned little 'ol me. I'm very touched. And I have to agree, the virtual community is amazing! 

2. Give love. Pay it forward. Pass it on. Do one good deed.

"Small gestures of kindness reap huge rewards!"

Thank you so much An'Angelia! Beautiful pages.

I still have more pages to post too. The finished art journal is now complete. So from now until May 6th (the day before I graduate) I have two posts a week (check back on Sundays and Thursdays). Following that I will show you hubby's pages and then my own. I will follow that up with a tour through the art journal from cover to cover! Thank you so very much to all participants for making this project a reality! I've enjoyed every step and every page!

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