Monday, May 23, 2011

Blue's Quilt.

Blue is a 7 1/2 year old on a delightful mission of her own that is all about giving love.
She is asking for sponsors to support her in making a quilt. She is aiming for $250 as her end total with each square sponsored at $10.

Why is she aiming for $250? Well because she has a huge heart. Hmmm thats a bit vague. Here are the details from her momma:

One day we saw an ad in a magazine for Smile Train, which is a program that repairs cleft lips and palates for children in developing countries who could otherwise not afford the surgery. Blue was horrified by the pictures. To show her how Smile Train helps kids, we went to their website and looked at before and after pictures. We found out it only costs $250 to provide surgery for one child, and her question for me was "Do we have $250 to send them?" I told her that we did have $250, but that it was more money than I could just send off on a moments notice. So we brainstormed ways we could get $250 to send, and came up with a plan. 

Want to know more. Please go to the source: wisecricket! They have a whole lovely post about this project. Already sold on the idea? Well then you can send an email to in order to get their address to send $10 per square you would like to sponsor. 

I am loving this, because Blue is (a) being trusted to do her own quilting and it is enriching her creative spirit (b) its a good deed and she is paying it forward (c) how delightful that a young girl is already thinking of others. I say all these reasons plus the good that Smile Train does for children makes this a project well worth contributing to!

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  1. Phoenix--this is a great way for someone young (or old) to reach out and serve. Your photograph of Blue at her sewing machine is lovely and vulnerable; I can feel her care and concern. Thank you for sharing this with us:)