Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sandra's pages

The following pages are in response to a call to participate in my community art journal. The project is incorporated into a school assignment, but I am doing it for so many more reasons, which you can read HERE.

The directives were simple:

  1. Art journal about a community member(s) that has positively influenced your life. This can be anyone not related to you.
  2. Give love. Do one good deed and art journal about that.
Now on to Sandra's pages!!!

Sandra is a sweet soul from the Netherlands. 

This first image was on the back of some of her pages, while she may not have intended it to be part of the project at first, now it is. I just love it, don't you?!

1. Community members that positively influenced her life:

Sandra says, "On this moment I've got so much people who are a inspiration{mystele, alisa burks, kelly rae, pam carriker } There are so many great artists, so i decided to take the first three. I always loved to be creative. But when i draw people laughed. So i did not dare to draw anymore. I did much with scrapbooking. Then i saw Suzi blu on the internet. I did the course dolls with her. That is where i got the freedom to draw. Then i saw Tam willowing she helped me to accept myself more. And Theesha Moore gave me a different way of looking to art. That is what i made in a journal page."

2. Give love, pay it forward, pass it on, do one good deed.

 Sandra says, "I walked with a client{i work with mental handicapped people} and saw flowers. I picked one. Then a bus driver stoped and asked me is that for me? I said yes and i wish for you a beautiful spring. That was my good deed."


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